Total of 23 games

Unicorns jumper
Your objective is to charge the unicorn and land on clouds to unlock different trophies.
Viking Pub
In Viking Pub, you better be quick! Do you think you can be quick enough?
Swing Alien
Swing Aliens enabled you to effectively control the swinging aliens spaceship by tapping on the screen to change their swing direction and stop them from colliding with swinging obstacles.
Circle Pong
Keep the ball bouncing inside of the circle by placing your player accordingly . Gradually speed will increase making it difficult for you to play .
Mermaid Ring
It's time to go from pool to cool with our collection of inflatable games. Keep your eye on the prize and don't let it float away!
Make Big Watermelon
You need to merge small fruits into big fruits step by step, and finally you will get a big watermelon. Let's see how many big watermelons you can merge!
Color Tower
Think you can be the best stacker? Stack as many columns as you can to beat your own score or to beat out other players on the leaderboard in this online game.
Jump Box Hero
Play Jump Box Hero , Keep Your Jump Box Safe, Do Not Crash With Spikes, Keep The Box In Your Control, Jump Jump Up The High
Amazing Cube
Click the cube in progress to clear the obstacles and test the player's hand-eye coordination. How many levels can you pass?
Monster GO
Look for and catch wonderful monsters around word!Defeat powerful enemies and get great rewards!
Jump With Justin
An endless jumping game where your goal is to get Justin up as high as you can!
Colorpin Leadjoy
Timing is crucial in this addictive arcade game: wait for the perfect moment and shoot pins into the rotating ball. What are you waiting for?😎
In this delightful title you control a cute little black monster who as you would guess, loves the darkness! Conquer the darkness before it conquers you.
Arctic Pong
Help the little seal collect the coins! Streak along the snow in search of loot in Arctic Pong, the game that rewards perfect timing. What's your high score?
A most interesting farm puzzle story! Use your amazing skills to tap and combine the vegetables.
Have you ever attempted to explore a maze? It's intriguing, but it's not easy, isn't it​? Diamond Hunt is for you if you like it.
Integrate the bricks!Be smart, be fast and win!
Run run get around!Do you think you're fast enough? How far can you go ?
Sweet to play, evil to complete. Monster Candy is a new puzzle game of logic and deduction.
CUTE! PINK! Lovely-version Candy Crush! Quickly serve your hungry customers tasty treats in this addicting matching game.
Help your snake grow longer and longer! The game never ends.
Test the speed of your fingers in this game!!! Can you make enough orbits to progress to the next level?
Best Water bottle flip challenge game ever! Would you be so pro to land it on its bottle cap?
Above is all!